Finding My Niche

I am surprised that my wife married me when she did. I was $30,000 in debt, I was renting a small apartment, and I worked at a fast food restaurant making squat. I felt completely out-classed. She reminds me all the time however, that she always saw potential in me. She says all the time that she knows I am going to go places. It was this spark she saw that convinced her to marry me.


In the mean time of that spark’s kindle, I have been working a job that I hate (not fast food), and I am struggling to pay my bills. We can’t wait too long to start having kids because we don’t want to be too old when they get older, and to top it all off we are still renting. The good news is that I spent the past three years of our marriage paying off my pre-marital debt. So apart from not having any money, at least I don’t owe any. Or do I?


We are in the process of buying a house. This whole thing is new to me. My realtor and mortgage company hate my guts because of all the questions I’ve been asking them. I’m so nervous about going back into debt that I have to know EVERYTHING that’s going on as to not get roped into anything that could throw my budget out the window. If not for my realization I would continue to rent.


My realization of buying a house as opposed to renting came to me one day at work. I was sitting there doing my job when I realized that it could work out better for us to buy because we were throwing our money away renting. Why give your money to someone who’s getting rich by you staying poor? That’s when I started to break down and overcome my fear of buying a house. I was so scared before. The extra costs associated with buying house terrified me. I thought I was going to go broke at the drop of a hat as soon as I signed a contract. But, if you have a good realtor then they can work with the people that they know to find you the right company to work with and a good home to buy. Luckily we had that friend who could help us.


We should be closing in the next couple of weeks. I am excited to get everything in order and being handed the keys to our home. What I am even more excited about is the potential that buying houses has. You could make a whole livelihood out of renting houses and having tenants pay them off for you. This blog, is my journey to kindle the flame that burns inside of me. Providing a life for my wife and future children, and overall financial independence, is my goal. I hope I have found what it is I am supposed to do. You can read here the progress we are making.


Please pray for our success in this endeavor.



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